Space management


Management of rental or efficiency of space use by various cost centers results in measurable benefits for the users of iffmGIS. Links between data and their graphical representation on the CAD plans allows management to immediately react to any inefficiency or neglect or to identify under-used space not bringing potential income.

Efficient use of space may result from an information integrated within iffmGIS and presented on CAD drawings where information on the use of rooms, cost of this use ascribed to individual spaces, responsibility areas are clearly presented making it possible to optimize.


iffmGIS displays spatial information in the form of CAD drawings and orthophoto-maps. This offers various possibilities to present synthetic information on use, ownership, etc.

Key functionalities of iffmGIS for space management:
⦁ Reports (tables) on used/rented vs. not used/not rented spaces;
⦁ Document management, contract archive, scanned attachments
⦁ Long-term planning, monitoring of terms and dates of expiration of rental and other contracts
⦁ Cash-flow management and payment monitoring
⦁ Analyses of:
⦁ Cost and revenue from rental contracts
⦁ Various sources of income and efficiency benchmarks.


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